Wild Goose Island | One Photo

Wild Goose Island was a part of the Glacier Half Trifecta. It was the easiest sot to get to, having required only driving. It’s one of those places that are accessible to everyone, and even though I like to say that the most beautiful places are those that can be reached only on one’s own two feet, I must admit that the Wild Goose Island overlook spot is pretty sweet.

This view of the Saint Mary Lake is looking to the west, towards where Saint Mary Waterfall is. The clouds were speaking for themselves, but I still headed out to the falls only a bit later that day, and ended up being chased by rain on my way back to the car.

One-Photo Series:

Head in the Clouds

Grand Teton

Foggy Redwoods

Half Dome

Bridalveil Fall

Crater Lake

Mt Rainier

Mount Adams

Black Butte Drowned in Color

Years of Wisdom

Logan Pass View

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