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Eric Sense(less)man & His Cocodona 250 Journey by Dylan Harris | Friday Films

If there is only one ultrarunning documentary you’re gonna watch in your lifetime, this one by Dylan Harris would be a fine choice for that one-of.

Here is a story of human perserverance in one of its simplest forms. Keep going even when you think you can’t. Lose yourself to find your limits, then go beyond, senseless, to find a new, truer version of you.

“This film contains so much artistry, thoughtfulness and fine-tuned story-telling. It is exquisite. I can only imagine the amount of editing that went into this. Incredible job, Dylan Harris. And thank you to the one-of-a-kind Eric Senseman for allowing this journey to be shared. Beautiful,” wrote Jec Ballou. And he is right.

This is a story of Eric Senseman’s 2022 Cocodona 250 race. While Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy was the first to cross the finish line that year, Senseman embraced his own reasons for ever starting to run: “… I became engrossed with running, in part, because it made me feel like a kid,” he wrote in his piece for the rabbit blog. It’s beautiful to see him cover the miles with an attitude like no other—and it must have been even more inspiring to witness this in person.

“… what really stuck out to me was the relationship between Eric and his wife! I’ve seen so many other runners sort of blow off their partner at aid points, but even when he’s hurting so bad he always gives her a hug and a kiss before taking off again,” wrote Emma Happy.

Watch Senseman’s journey in this film by Dylan Harris.

Can You Bike through the Australian Outback? Totally—and it’ll be a Gorgeous Ride!

Cycling through 3,000 kilometers of red-colored desert might sound intimidating. Then again, almost all things worth doing sound at least a bit intimidating, so it might be just the perfect indicator of “you should totally do it.” And if you aren’t in a place where you can just take off on such an adventure right this moment, you should take off at least virtually. (After all, we all have some experience with that thanks to the world shutting down for two years.)

We Biked 3,000km into the Australian Outback (Amazing Experience!) is just the perfect journey journal to watch. With minimal but incredibly insightful commentary and stunning shots of the Australian Outback, follow the bikes’ track from the Great Barrier Reef to Uluru. Alee is a great visual storyteller and will have you traveling through the landscape in no time!