PHOTO: Winter in Boston

In February, I visited my friend in Boston. And I have never let you know about it! What a shame, right? Well, I hope you can forgive me – and here you have some pics from this historical city!

Huge thanks to May for showing me around!


As you may know, Boston is known for its universities. MIT and Harward – yep, they are both here.


As Boston is one of the “older” cities in the USA, you’ll find a lot of beautiful architecture.


Probably the most photogenic house I saw the first day.


Honestly, the whole city and people living there are kind of made for a lens.


“You have to see the cemetery, I was told by my friend. And so, why not?


China town. I had some Chinese pineapple pastry and it was the most delicious sweet pastry I’ve ever tasted!



Boston Common park still kept some of its Christmas decor.



Watching the sunset at the shore – few thousand miles behind that big puddle named Atlantic is my country!


Welcome to Harward.







And where else should I end my trip than in Mike’s Pastry, a well-known café right at the Harvard campus?

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If you are more into videos, you can watch my vlog from Boston HERE.

And have a nice day! 🙂

PHOTO: Laguna and Coast Loop, Pt Reyes Lighthouse | Point Reyes

My Sunday (7/30/2017) trip to Point Reyes – hiking Coast and Laguna loop and visiting Point Reyes Lighthouse – in pictures:

IMG_0723 (1)

Good to know. Also, I spent the rest of the trip wondering if it happens often and if I was going to be unlucky enough to have to race the wave for my life.


Ta-da! After hiking through some valley and – believe it or not – a marsh, I made it to the beach!


To save myself from having to keep cleaning my shoes for another week to get the sand out of them completely, I walked in the sand barefoot. It was so smooth and soft!


Yeah, I guess you wouldn’t want to be stuck here during high-tide. But the log made a nice lunch spot.


Leaving the beach and getting to higher elevation brought some pretty amazing sights (I’m not speaking about the vistas now).


Also, the wetness of this area made me simply happy. Growing up with rains pretty much every week or two and living in a very dry area now makes me miss these little things like a raindrop or dew.


Getting closer to the top.


The top of the hill reminded me of a shallow bowl. The water stays here and together with strong winds from the ocean makes this environment more than interesting.


You can see the constant change, the thin line between life and death in every step here.


Leaving the loop behind me, I got on the road to visit Point Reyes Lighthouse. Alone on the road. In the middle of nowhere. But this “middle of nowhere” was actually more beautiful, welcoming and loving than most of the places “tamed” by people.


All right, not so completely alone. Hello!


Stopping on the top of a hill just to adore the view. The fog started to get thicker as I got closer to the lighthouse.


A rare moment when the clouds moved in such a manner that I could take this one picture and actually have the lighthouse visible.


Even though the real Lost Coast is “a few” more miles north and named in this manner for different reasons, this part of the coast was getting lost in the clouds pretty much all the time.


A life on a dune. Also, when coming here and leaving, I had to drive through a dune forming on the road. The sand is really fine so it made the road pretty slippery. With my old Toyota Camry, I was a bit scared.

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And have an amazing day! 🙂