Smelling Skunk

It’s late night, my windows are wide open so I can hear the best lullaby in the world; all the crickets and quiet humming of the trees in the wind.

I can’t sleep.

I’m trying but my mind is full of thoughts, I’m trying to figure out how to keep up with my growing blog, if I should create an alternative YouTube channel for other stuff I want to do, because combinations of two things (like arts + poetry and traveling) is not recommended, or if I should risk it and put all the stuff on my current channel.

I’m trying to count my free hours to find out if I am able to put out six blog posts and two videos a week to be able to actually make some money from it so I can go to college (obviously, not in the USA, I would have to write a bestseller and become a millionaire to be able to afford a college in the US).

And when my brain is so full and my thoughts become overwhelming, suddenly, a strong smell comes from the outside and hits my nose.

I stop thinking and listen and smell and feel and actually perceive the great outdoors, our Mother Nature and the outdoors of her; the vast universe with billions of stars, infinite, unboundable and so inconceivable.

And I stop worrying.

Why should I?

There’s no point in being afraid about the future, it will happen anyway – and what more, it will happen in its own way, regardless our plans.

So let’s just leave it up to the great outdoors.

I’m not saying to stop working on your future, not at all. I will write and film and try to make money for my college.

But I won’t stress about it (well, at least I’ll try).

I’m going to let Mother Nature put me asleep with her lullaby and Father Universe, God, or however other people call him, wake me up with the first sun rays coming through my window and all the beautiful songs of birds.

Good night my darlings.

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