2 New Ultrarunning Films Well Worth Your Time

Despite the year that 2020 has been, in the past two months, a few new ultra/trail running films were released. And even though every single one of them tells stories of perseverance and resistance, there are two that spread the message more than others, accompanied by stunning visuals and featuring amazing humans.

For Rangers Ultra

For Rangers Ultra is a stage race through the beautiful and wild plains of Kenya. This race was put on in support of the rangers that roam those plains and are the last frontier between poachers and the wildlife.

Golden Trail Championship 2020

The Faial island in Portugese Azores hosted the 2020 Golden Trail Championship despite all the hurdles. With races being canceled left and right this past year, the championship pushed through. Jim Walmsley, Stian Angermund, Maude Mathys and Tove Alexandersson take the audience behind the scenes and through all the adrenaline-filled courses.