Running Diary (Vol. III)

If you want to read a little intro on how this series came to be, you can do so by clicking HERE 🙂

Also, it’s been over a year since the last diary, so here’s a selection of entries from the entire year! There have been some hiccups in 2020, including a personals injury — a stress fracture in my foot — that made the year a… wild ride. But, after five months, I’m coming back out of the injury (through all the lovely things like shin splints and tendinitis) and couldn’t be happier!

Again, a warning: these are unfiltered so… read at your own discretion (language).

sATURDAY, 3/7/2020

How the fuck am I gonna survive a 50-miler? My legs feel like fucking trash after 1 mile!

Wednesday, 3/25/2020

Gosh that hill. Point eight miles takes 20 minutes. And you have to pay for a permit to go on that trail. Who in their right mind would pay to do that to themselves?
Oh wait…
Trail runners.
Got it.

Wednesday, 4/1/2020

When. When exactly did you come up with the idea that running in deep snow was a good idea?

Saturday, 5/2/2020

I’m dying of heat in 10 degrees Celsius. How the fuck am I gonna survive Cool Moon? I’ve no idea.
(Cool Moon is a 50M race that takes place in the Sierra foothills in August.)

Tuesday, 6/2/2020

I don’t wanna run! — I do wanna run today, okay?!
… and I’m arguing about this with myself. As I run.

Saturday, 6/27/2020

Dear Song — I love you. But could you please GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY HEAD?!

Saturday, 7/11/2020

Just let me die.
(When I completed my first-ever 50K that took me nearly 13 hours to finish.)

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