Running Diary (Vol. II)

Read the intro and the science of the WHY for this one in the previous “Running Diary” post 🙂

Tuesday, 10/15/19

I can’t see a bloody thing.

(… through my own breath illuminated by my headlamp)

When I run in the morning, it’s dark and cold. When I run in the evening, it’s also dark and cold. Fabulous time of the year!

Bring a headlamp, duh. Yeah, cool. Been there done that. It solves the “dark” part. The problem with the headlamp as a source of light comes with the cold.

I can’t see a bloody thing through the white illuminated cloud of fog that forms right in front of my face with every breath.

So many opportunities to involuntarily kiss a branch that’s hanging way too low, yay!

Wednesday, 10/16/19

I can’t see a bloody thing (yes, again).

This problem came after the run (if I don’t count running without being able to see as described yesterday).

The car windows are all completely foggy after I sat in my car all steaming like a train. Great. Now I have to wait for this older-than-old car to de-mist it at least a little so that I don’t run over all the deer and raccoons.

Saturday, 11/2/19

I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry.

I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry.

Look! A squirrel!




I’m hungry.

Sunday, 11/10/19

Dammit, time change. Sunset early. Okay, nevermind. It’s full moon.

~ 15 minutes later ~

Okay, this is great! I don’t even need my phone light, the moon is enough. Awesome, this is so pretty!

~ 10 minutes later ~

*tripped over what is probably the very only root on the whole trail*

Sunday, 11/17/19

I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die…

(Biofreeze Berkeley race – broke my PR!)

Sunday, 11/24/19

This is insane.

*pacing my friend through the last miles of his 200-mile run*

Craving more of my inner thoughts? Weirdo. Ehmm… They’re right HERE!

I broke my 10K PR just last week while living more or less off of Ibuprofen alone. You can read about that “trip” HERE.

And how did my first ever half marathon go? That’s right HERE.

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