Who is a Runner: Erin McGrady | A Short Film by Brooks x Camp4 Collective

Who is a Runner is a series by Brooks in collaboration with Camp4 Collective. Erin McGrady’s story is the last episode in this series that follows runners from around the U.S. and tells their stories. The question “who is a runner?” can be answered simply: everyone. How come? Because running, indeed, is for everyone.

What about Erin’s story?

“It takes the first 5-6 miles for the ‘bird’s nest’ in Erin McGrady’s head to unravel,” writes Camp4 Collective. “And then, putting one foot in front of the other, the photographer and writer works to create and celebrate safe spaces for others in the queer community. Together, with her wife Caroline Whatley, in spite all they are up against as queer women in the South, they turn their attention toward the joy they get from traveling and creating community.”

Erin’s story, told in less than 9 minutes, is one of courage, defiance, and victory. Who is a runner? Erin.