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About what the act of movement means to me
“Nothing has ever brought me such a joy and feeling of fulfillment and purpose like the act of movement.”

Worrying about the future in the middle of night is not necessary

How I learn more from who and what I encounter on my travels than what I’ve learned during sixteen (so far) years in different educational institutions

When the loneliness struck
“It’s not about feeling lonely only. There’s regret, there’s sadness, then comes anger… You live every day doubting your past decisions that have brought you to the point where you are, in my case so far from home that you are not able to go back.”

About being scared on your way
“On your travels, you do get scared sometimes. And that’s all right.”

Why you shouldn’t read my blog (even though you should – innocent wink-)
“I should probably explain myself better because I secretly hope that this blog will, at least partly, support my travels one day. But even though this post might make you stop reading my articles (and thus my hopes are in danger), I promise I’ll still do my best to explain what I mean.”

How our lives are affected by our priorities.
You can argue that it’s not true, but the way you choose to live your life is all about priorities.

Travelling changes people…

Why do New Year’s resolutions almost never work?

It happened to me already that I was asked this question: “why are you doing this?” It also happened to me already that I, too, in times of distress, asked myself this question: “Why am I doing this?” Yes, I’m talking about traveling, being on a journey. And, well, I do have the answer.

Have you ever been hiking in the middle of nowhere, or walking through a city thousands of miles away from home, or sitting in a bar with your new-found friends in a foreign country,… or all of the above combined (although I guess it would be a bit rough to find a bar in the middle of nowhere) – and asked yourself:

“How on Earth did this happen?”

And I’m not talking only about going places you have never thought you would ever go to, but about doing things that you would “never ever do”.

This post is one big mess, just to warn you.