I’m just a kid who was told almost all the time that the things she dreamed about weren’t possible, and who has grown up into doing exactly these “impossible” things.

19424311_1459756580749564_1831962815405874768_nOriginally, I’m from Czech republic. Have you never heard of this place? Well, I’m not surprised. It’s not a big country. But we are in the heart of Europe. And our capital is Prague, a beautiful city full of history. Better?

I was born in a village with 50 inhabitants only. Now, there are 25 people at most. When I was eight, we moved to a bigger village. Which has 100 inhabitants (well, 97 since I and two other people moved away in the past years). It’s not so much bigger, is it?

And how could a girl from such a small place start to explore the world? Well, join me on my way and get to know my story. And maybe, one day, we will meet on some road.

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