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In Washington state, there’s a place called Cape Flattery. To get to it, one has to drive on roads that look like if they didn’t go anywhere, and then hike a little ways down the coast.

It’s the land of the Makah Nation, and it’s one of the places filled with old wisdom and wonder.

When I was walking down to the cliffs, I was surrounded by the quiet hum of the old trees. Then, one of them simply captivated me – it was a tree broken and bent under the weight of years, but filled with wisdom and strength. I couldn’t explain it otherwise.

I spent more time with my hand pressed against its scarred bark, listening, than I did down by the coast watching the ocean. It was a very strange moment in which time felt like if it had a whole new dimension.

The tree has been there long before I was born, and will be there long after I die, and something about it just made me feel very… there’s really not a word that could describe it.


Here and there, we all need something that is simply beautiful. And, well, I found this.

The place where I live is beautiful, I can’t not say that. But honestly, which place – from all these that our planet gave us – isn’t? From the summits of the Himalayas to the depths of seas and oceans, Nature did the best and gave her attention to every single little detail.

And she made it all beautiful.

But what I miss here, in the place that I call my home now, is a forest with a green meadow next to it and moss wet even in the middle of summer so that whenever you sit on it, your pants get all wet. And whenever my parents took me and my sister to sleep outside in the middle of the woods, we used to see fireflies. These little lights of hope.

And I miss these. I miss them so much that is physically hurts.

So here goes. I’m happy to be sharing something simply beautiful with you for the sake of nothing else but slowing down for a while and enjoying one of the magic moments Mother Nature gave us.

Big thanks to Radim Schreiber for this piece of art. Now go and enjoy your moments of peace.

PHOTO: In The Name of Water | Yosemite May 2018

I take the gear from the shelf where all the pieces are patiently waiting for me, displayed neatly as if behind a front window of a store the exact same way I put them there a few weeks ago. I admit, I’m more gentle with my camping/backpacking gear than with my sole existence and entire life.

I find a place for each and every piece in the back of my car. Loading the boot makes me feel so excited that I have to start singing. In only a few days, I’ll be able to bring back my first report from Yosemite in the year of 2018!

If I was able to sleep, I’d be woken up at half past two by the sharp beep-beep-beep of my alarm. But to be honest, sleep wasn’t really working for me – and what more, a few minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off, my friend Machi opened the door quietly and ‘woke me up’: “Pavuli-na… Pavuli-na? How do you get warm water in the shower?” And so I got up, turned the hot water on for her, brushed my teeth and started packing the last few necessities we needed for the weekend.

A quick shower and a breakfast later, a little bit after four in the morning, we were leaving our driveway and heading towards Yosemite.


























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  1. Half Dome from Half Dome View
  2. A mushroom in Crane Flat Campground
  3. Bridalveil Fall from Bridalveil Fall Viewing Point
  4. Yosemite Fall in the far away from John Muir Trail
  5. Vernal Fall and Merced River from the Vernal Fall Bridge
  6. Vernal Fall from the Mist Trail
  7. Merced River from the Vernal Falls Bridge
  8. A bear (!) from the top of Vernal Fall
  9. Merced River above the top of Vernal Fall
  10. Nevada Fall from below, Mist Trail
  11. Merced River from the top of Nevada Fall
  12. Merced River cañon from the top of Nevada Fall
  13. Drops of morning dew in Crane Flat Campground
  14. Yosemite Falls from Swinging Bridge
  15. Some ferns and sand nearby Yosemite Creek
  16. Half Dome from Cook’s Meadow
  17. Yosemite Falls from Lower Yosemite Fall Trail
  18. Some ferns and sand nearby Yosemite Creek
  19. A reflection in Merced River
  20. Yosemite Valley Chapel
  21. Falls on Tamarack and Cascade Creek from Big Oak Flat Road
  22. Big Oak Flat Road

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