“I Miss Autumn” And Other Poems

Hello from my chilly home to yours. Fall has finally come to this corner of the world, even though here it means only cold nights and dry land, without all the beauty of late-afternoon fog filling coniferous forests, making them dark and a little creepy, or the beauty of the sun painting the leaves of threes all the warm colors of the season.

Living in a land that is riddled with heat waves and now fildfires, I’ve come to really miss the beautiful Autumn filled with barely-warm sunny days as well as week-long rains spent wrapped in a blanket by a heater, sipping tea and reading books. I haven’t realized it before, but it’s my favourite season, not because it’s the time when I was born, but because it’s always made me feel the most warm, the most cozy, and the most alive. And I miss it dearly, I miss it so much it sometimes physically hurts.

So I wrote a poem, a love letter to Fall, if you will.
And because I do write poetry here and there, I’ve decided to share a few more poems from my collection. I hope they’ll bring you as much warmth and wonder as they brounght to me when I wrote them.

I Miss Autumn


I miss the warm-coloured world of earthy tones;
Brown and red, dark-green and ochre, yellow and orange,
Sun filtering through the bare trees
In the gold of a late afternoon,

I miss the chilliness of air coming from the North
Spilling goosebumps all over my bare arms
Just as I got warm enough
In the gentle, beautifully weak sun.

I miss the almost-dark woods filled with fog;
Eerie but tranquil, quiet and calm,
A little scary to some
But inviting and caring for me,

I miss the first dusting of snow, so pure,
Its whiteness bringing out the beauty of the autumn trees,
Its gentle touch and lullabies
Telling them it’s time to go to sleep.

I miss walking long miles looking for beechnuts,
The lovely sound of dry leaves breaking under my feet
While I listen to the careful pit-a-pat of a woodpecker
A glimpse of which I catch only moments later,

I miss the smell of chestnuts being slowly toasted over a fire
That keeps us all cozy and warm,
Stories told in the nights that come earlier each day
And the closeness of souls that the firelight brings to us.

Tea And Berries


I drank the tea –
And the tea turned into light inside me,

I breathed the air, so bright,
And it, too, turned into light,

I ate the berries, wild –
They made me laugh like a child,

I smelled the roses I could find,
And they bloomed inside my mind…

I looked at the sky
And suddenly knew how to fly

So I spread my wings wide
And invited the wave-less tide –

It took me away, so far,
To the lands of the morning star

And as I wondered through the land
My legs could no longer stand

And the ground shook and swayed
And sweet music somewhere played

And then I fell through the rock
But instead of a shock

Only wonder I felt
And let my body melt…



I can see the full moon outside

Hanging right in the top of the sky,

I can feel it burn through my flesh

And I can feel it burn through my bones,

I can hear it call for my mind

And I can feel it claim my heart.

I can see the full moon outside

Hanging right in the top of the sky

And calling –

Calling for me to come.


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