Running Diary (Vol IV)

If you want to read a little intro on how this series came to be, you can do so by clicking HERE 🙂

More thoughts that run around my head while I’m running (or, rather, struggling) on the trails near and far.

Again, a warning: these are unfiltered so… read at your own discretion (language).

Let’s start off with a very recent trilogy, focused on food, since my stomach has been off for about a month now, which is a real joy when you’re trying to push down nutrition for runs!

sunday, April 18

Don’t eat fucking fries with BBQ sauce before you go running, you idiot.

Tuesday, April 20

Stomach. Can you please stop feeling like crap. C’mon. Either throw up, or don’t. But don’t do this to me.

Wednesday, April 21

How many ties did I tell you not to eat before runnig?! At this point, you deserve anything that’s coming for you!


Saturday, March 6

My body is a temple. ANcient and crumbling. Probably cursed or haunted.

Friday, March 26

Who the fuck gets up at 3am to scramble up and down a mountain, get chafed, obtain a few blisters, and possibly faceplant?
Yep, THIS idiot!

From Jam on Tam

Tuesday, March 30

I’m in trouble. I’m in BIG trouble…
I received an email inviting me to register for a 50-mile ultramarathon even though I only just got out of an injury. But you don’t say no to a free race entry. You just don’t…

Friday, April 9

Hello? Nature customer service? Yes, I’d like to opt out of the feature called ‘boobs.’ Highly impractical for running. I wasn’t consulted about its installment and would like to return them.

I’m not even going to ask for a refund, just take them. Thanks.

Saturday, April 24

It’s gonna be so not cool, running in Cool during Cool Moon because Cool in August is literally everything but cool.

“Oh, look, those rocks are… so cool!”
I told this to my friend look when we were running in Cool, CA. Several times. Why do I have to be like that?

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