MUTT 2021 Race Report

My friend and I put on a race to raise money for two rescues in California. Altogether, we raised and donated $1,660. Here’s the race report I wrote, in case any of you my lovely friends are interested. We’ll be back to our regular posting next week. 🙂


SA Racing

2021 rolled in like a freight train and is going as strong as 2020 did. But so are we.

During the past three months, runners flocked to the beautiful trails of Calero County Park, Rancho Canada Del Oro, Rancho San Vicente, and Almaden Quicksilver County Park to enjoy the mud and wildflowers in all their glory, all the while raising money for rescues across California.

We are beyond excited to announce that our amazing Muddy Ultra Trail Trotters raised $1,660 for our four-legged friends! You all are awesome and we love you. You’ve singlehandedly made 2021 so much better!

Of course, we cannot forget to crown the royalty that came in and completely crushed the course!

50K Results

Everyone out there absolutely killed it, but this is the place where we announce the ones who made a quick job of it:

In first place, we have Stuart Taylor with the…

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