PHOTO: Winter in Boston

In February, I visited my friend in Boston. And I have never let you know about it! What a shame, right? Well, I hope you can forgive me – and here you have some pics from this historical city!

Huge thanks to May for showing me around!


As you may know, Boston is known for its universities. MIT and Harward – yep, they are both here.


As Boston is one of the “older” cities in the USA, you’ll find a lot of beautiful architecture.


Probably the most photogenic house I saw the first day.


Honestly, the whole city and people living there are kind of made for a lens.


“You have to see the cemetery, I was told by my friend. And so, why not?


China town. I had some Chinese pineapple pastry and it was the most delicious sweet pastry I’ve ever tasted!



Boston Common park still kept some of its Christmas decor.



Watching the sunset at the shore – few thousand miles behind that big puddle named Atlantic is my country!


Welcome to Harward.







And where else should I end my trip than in Mike’s Pastry, a well-known café right at the Harvard campus?

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If you are more into videos, you can watch my vlog from Boston HERE.

And have a nice day! 🙂

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