Traveller’s Book for August | My Picks

Amy Racina – Angels in the Wilderness

I bought this book in Yosemite National Park with this plan to read it “after I finish the other three books I’ve already started”. Well, this plan didn’t really work and I binge-read this particular book in two or three days only. (I would probably make it in under a day if I didn’t have to go to work.)

After surviving a 60-feet fall into a ravine on her backpacking trip to Tehipite Valley, Amy spent three days in “her” ravine, how she started to call that place, to fight the odds and to be rescued right before the ending of the fourth day.

In this book, she describes all the things that have led her to this point, shares her realizations that came during her stay on the hard rock and the “angels” that came to her rescue.

You will laugh and you will probably have a tear to drop.




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