Ultra Light Backpacking | My Backpacking Goals?

Hello my fellow travelers, backpackers especially.

So, I somehow discovered this pretty cool lad. He backpacks all this stuff like PCT or Appalachian Trail etc, etc. And, can you guess how much his gear for these adventures weighs?

Under 8lbs!

So, here’s his website with his gear list: http://www.linthikes.com/gear-list/

And here you can watch a short 10-minute “documentary” about him: http://www.opb.org/television/programs/ofg/segment/ultralight-hiking/

These are some serious backpacking goals for me right there.

What about you? How much does your gear weigh? Any tips for us greenhorns?

You can write your opinions and put links down in the comments, let’s go share our experiences!

Love y’all.


2 thoughts on “Ultra Light Backpacking | My Backpacking Goals?

    1. Oh, I’m happy it helped – but I just put it out as an option (I’m a greenhorn as well), it’s Lint who did all the research and tried it out. Excellent job to him!


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