Foggy Redwoods | One Photo

A road is buried deep in the darkness of the tall redwoods. The  narrow view of the sky is filled with fog. The wall of threes is dark green, more like black. Only two lonely tiny orange lights shine.

Because sometimes, I just want to share photos that have a really special place in my heart or I’m really proud of, here and there, You’ll start seeing these published. I didn’t know how to do it for some time because honestly, I’m not very well off with website design, but I’ve decided to just do it the way I know. So here goes.

This eerie picture was taken when I drove through the redwood forest towards the campground where I was staying. The sun hasn’t touched the ground there for a few days. Everything was covered in dew, including me; whenever I walked even for just a tiny little while, little drops of water condensated on my eyelashes.

It’s around midday in the picture, even though it might not seem so. The clouds, the fog, and the tall trees made the it seem like if the ground was experiencing twilight all day long. Everything was unbelievably quiet and tranquil; all sound were softened and muffled by the fog and all seemed perfectly still…

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