Logan Pass View | One Photo

The view from above Logan Pass, most probably Going-to-the-sun Mountain or Matahapi Peak in the center and a part of Hanging gardens on the right. Glacier National Park, Montana.

Because sometimes, I just want to share photos that have a really special place in my heart or I’m really proud of, here and there, You’ll start seeing these published. I didn’t know how to do it for some time because honestly, I’m not very well off with website design, but I’ve decided to just do it the way I know. So here goes.

It was on my back from the very-not-pleasant weather that ruled the mountains above Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. Every other part of my body was drenched to the bone, but thanks to my rain shell jacket, at least my torso was more or less untouched and wasn’t going straight hypothermic. I encountered some interesting weather up there – hail/thunderstorm with winds that almost blew me off the mountain. Fun. A lot of fun…

It was only when the thick clouds/fog lifted that I could see anything; before, I was just drowning in the white nothingness surrounding me. The mountains showed themselves for a couple minutes and I could enjoy the beauty of it all, and see that in the eastern part of the park, it’s probably nice and, if not completely, at least almost-sunny.

Below, you can see a couple edits of this original image. I couldn’t decide which one I liked the most!

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