Grand Teton | One Photo

Because sometimes, I just want to share photos that have a really special place in my heart or I’m really proud of, here and there, You’ll start seeing these published. I didn’t know how to do it for some time because honestly, I’m not very well off with website design, but I’ve decided to just do it the way I know. So here goes.

This is Grand Teton. The Tetons stole my heart probably even before I got there. I’ve wanted to feel and be the place for a long time, but never found the time to go there. And then, finally, I saw them for the first time – dusted with snow from the green fields of Idaho. Driving through Teton Pass on the slopes of Mt Glory in the darkness of early morning, the sun starting to come up when we stopped in Wilson, a strong wave of emotion swept over me once more.

The hike on which we got caught up in a thunderstorm. And the views after the rain stopped and the clouds lifted and revealed the mountains tops covered in fresh snow… That was the moment I knew I was lost, hopelessly. There was no coming back; the Tetons found their place in my heart that’s been waiting only for them and started to call it home…

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