Half Dome | One Photo

Half Dome from Tioga Road.

Because sometimes, I just want to share photos that have a really special place in my heart or I’m really proud of, here and there, You’ll start seeing these published. I didn’t know how to do it for some time because honestly, I’m not very well off with website design, but I’ve decided to just do it the way I know. So here goes.

That morning was cold. I shook the dew off my tent before starting to pack up, my headlamp the only source of light. I could see the touch of dawn in the sky, but it wasn’t enough for my eyes to be able to see what I was doing.

That morning was cold. Cold like my heart whenever I have to leave this little piece of miracle that Yosemite National Park is.

That morning was cold. I left Tuolumne Meadows and stopped by to say bye to Tenaya Lake. By that time, the sky was nectarine orange and grey-deep blue.

That morning was cold. The lone road led me through the mountains and then, Half Dome showed itself to comfort me. The sun has just started to come up somewhere in the East and that prominent piece of granite appeared to be the one emitting the orange light.

The morning became warm.

And I didn’t say goodbye to this place I love.

The morning was warm and I said, “See you soon.”

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