Photo Challenge: Awakening

On my last day on Kaua’i, I was driving to the airport from Koke’e Campground. When going past Waimea canyon, the sun has decided it was time to bring the new day to the world and started to raise up from behind the endless ocean of both water and clouds.

I stopped the car immediately and went to enjoy the sunrise that felt like a goodbye gift – after four days and nights of almost constant rain. Like if this moment was created only for me, unseen by most of the people on this island – either still sleeping or living down by the ocean, still covered in clouds.

Awakening. The whole world rose up from the spells of the night and the rain, including myself. For whatever reason, I was deeply moved. Something inside me woke upΒ  and demanded my immediate attention. I let it take over. Revolt against leaving – but, at the same time, a perfect Peace and deep Understanding of Everything. The feeling stayed only for a few seconds. But these few seconds of awakening were one of the most important ones in my life. I can still feel their impact on me.

I chose this picture not only for the situation it represents, neither for the perfect moment of sunrise when it was taken.Β  Of course, these are very important parts of it but… there’s something more.

Notice the tree. Bare, almost dead-looking, maybe really passed. But giving life to something new – all the moss that it became a home to. The transformation of energy is endless and life finds new ways how to emerge again and again. How to wake up from the sleep it is put to.

Senses. Souls. Life. Awakening.


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5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Awakening

      1. I too am trying to get a nice picture for the photo challenge πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ hope i get a pretty one hehe


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