The Adventurous Mouse

Some creatures just have the adventure in their blood. And I’m not talking about human race in general, no, not at all, neither am I referring to movies for kids starring animals.

Maybe this tiny rodent didn’t even mean to go on an adventure, or maybe it’s got more to it than we humans ever thought. This will always stay a mystery to me.

Three weeks ago, “grandpa Phan” decided to check the oil in my old Toyota. What a surprise he found after opening the hood!

Long story short, considering the amount of fur, dry grass, other mess – and, yes, poop – the mouse which we will now call Finley has lived in my car for the past few months. Not longer than since August 2017 (I had to have my car kick-started on my way to Yosemite that month and there was no sign of inhabitation yet), but probably since before November.

Considering this fact, Finley has traveled to quite a few destinations – and even through a different state than where he/she was born! On Finley’s list, there are even some bucket-list destinations!

Here’s the list:
Yosemite (twice or more)
Point Reyes (at least five times)
Lassen Volcanic
Lake Tahoe (both South and North part)
…and many, many regional parks

So… did Finley check off even some of your dream-destination places? Well, if yes, then you should come and see them yourself, too! This little mouse built its house and traveled under the hood of my car. I think we can call him/her a seasoned traveler and quite the badass now.

Finley doesn’t travel with me anymore (or maybe he/she does again, I just haven’t found out yet). Honestly, I felt a bit bad when grandpa started to demolish Finley’s home, hoping to drive him/her out of my car. This mouse has had more balls than anyone would have expected and he/she will always be the true adventurer in my eyes. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it came to a campfire one day, sat there with other creatures (including humans) and wanted to tell his/her story because – let’s be honest – it is quite the story to be told.

Hopefully, Finley has inspired some of you to “kick the propeller on” and now you’re already getting ready for your next adventure, not even paying full attention to this article anymore. Let the story of Finley the mouse inspire you to go over and beyond anyone’s expectations (including yours)!

With love,

Pina and Finley

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