Traveller’s Book for April

Paul Theroux – The Tao of Travel

Let’s do it differently this month. Because I had no time to read last moth whatsoever (and am appropriately annoyed with myself by that), I can’t recommend you this month’s book properly, with my opinions on it and a review. But we can still manage – let’s read this book together and at the end of the month (or whenever you finish it), we can share our opinions on it. And, yes, you can even scold me a little for “recommending” something I haven’t read in case it ruins your life (which I doubt because from just a brief look into a few pages, I think this book deserves to be given a try).

I’m bringing this book to Hawai’i with me – where are you going to bring it? Or is it a book to be read a few lines at a time right before you fall asleep in your bed at home?

Either way, I hope you’re going to enjoy it!


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