“The Great Outdoors” Poetry

So… I don’t know how many – if any – of you my amazing people know this, but I write poetry. Here and there (mostly there lately), I manage to even produce something that is not completely awful! And yes, I do publish some of my poems online. So, this week, I thought; why not share some of my poetry from the great outdoors here with you?

And, yes, let’s keep it real; I’ll admit it… it’s also because I’ve been awfully busy lately and don’t have any post ready to be published.

Either way, here are a few poems from the great outdoors – and if you become hungry for more, you can always find it HERE.

The Pine Doorway


“Between every two pines
There’s a doorway to a new world.”
Do these words sound rather bold?

This is the wisdom
Of the great man named Muir John.
And with these words, I’m once more gone.

Gone with the wind
Or with the sun,
With the rain
I’m having fun.

Gone with the hails,
Lost in the fog,
Dancing in the meadows,
Resting on a log.

Under the canopy of stars
One finds the finest place to sleep
And the secrets heard are one’s to keep.

So don’t scold me if I
For a few days don’t come home
Or am not answering the phone.

I’m gone with the wind
Or with the sun,
With the rain
I’m having fun.

Gone with the hails,
Lost in the fog,
Swimming in the rivers,
Dining by a rock.

I was out there in the woods,
The elusive wisdom of life in my palm.
Whenever not outside, I can’t stay calm.

For between every two pines
There’s a doorway to a new world.
Do these words sound still so bold?

The Mountains Call (haiku)


I do, above all,
Above comfort, in my core
Hear the mountains call.

And into the Forest I Go, to Lose my Mind and Find my Soul


“Going to the mountains is going home -”
“And it’s into the forest where I go
To lose my mind and find my soul.”
Where birds sing and rivers flow,
Where I walk first fast then slow,
Where tall redwoods and pines grow,
Where in winter there lays snow.
Where the winds so fiercely blow,
Where fireflies at night glow,
Where I spoke to my friend crow.
Where the clouds sail high and low,
As they have eons ago –
To you this place I have to show,
Where I feel so free and whole.
My own body I outgrow
Where I connect with my soul.
To Nature I all this owe,
Thanks to John Muir now I know

Swam, Breathed, Ran


I drunk the sky
And swam through a forest,
Breathed the sea
And ran among stars…


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