Goodbye, Kaua’i | Searching the Aloha

Last week, I managed to not post anything for you – and that’s because I was just landing in Korea! Thus it’s time to end our Hawaiian adventure after almost a year and continue on with something new. Last (regular) post from Hawai’i.

The morning, truly, was a miracle. My phone rang and woke me up at 4.30, it was still dark outside and – what a surprise – raining. Yeah, packing my tent in rain was exactly what I’ve been wishing for throughout this entire trip.

I get out into the persistent rain. It’s not as bad as it could be – things can always get worse – but it could also be better, I must admit that. But, well… it’s the way it is and I can either be grumpy over it or enjoy it. I go with the latter, even though it’s a bit difficult to keep a positive outlook on the whole situation while struggling down the slippery and muddy hill, trying to get my sleeping stuff in the car without getting it overly wet.

It’s even harder to keep being positive after I slip and fall flat on my back in the wet grass. “That’s just perfect! Amazing start to the day? Yay, adventure!!!” Yeah, sarcasm is the only thing that can keep my head cool – well, together with the persistent rain. Haha…ha…ha…

Have you ever tried to pack a completely drenched tent in rain, in dark,… cold and hungry? I’m sure that some of you have and are rolling your eyes at me now. Doesn’t sound like such a problem when you hear about it – or when you’ve done it already – what a whiner am I, right?

Completely drenched, I finally close the door and sit behind the steering wheel for a second, quiet, breathing, trying to comprehend the fact that it’s time for me to leave. As elusive and unimaginable it once seemed to me to come to Hawai’i, suddenly, it seems as impossible for me to go back home.

I give one last goodbye to the place that’s been my home for the several past nights and start driving through the rainforest towards civilization. The islands, however don’t seize to give me one last surprise, a good-bye gift so beautiful that it seems almost unbelievable. I can’t but stop at the side of the road and walk to the edge of Waimea Canyon.

And there it is; a sunrise so beautiful it takes my breath away. A sunrise so beautiful that it seems like if it couldn’t even happen in this world. A sunrise so beautiful… it must be the most beautiful sunrise I’ve seen in my life…

The most beautiful goodbye the Hawaiian islands could have given me.

Goodbye, Hawaii.

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