What’s Next?

So… I want to be honest with all of you guys here. And that’s not always a pleasant task to perform. But here goes; I have no idea what’s going to come and happen next with this blog.

The truth is, I’ve started school recently. Like, a real college. Which is something I’ve never thought I’d do. Well, I guess nobody around me thought I’d do this – think of my parents or friends back in Czech, teachers,… But here I am, sitting in a class, 45 minutes early so that I could find a parking spot and have time to write at least something for you.

Originally, I wanted to continue with the Hawai’i series, plan B included finally putting up some pictures, maybe a bit of writing from the road trip with my parents that happened in June. But as I sat down, I realized that I can’t pretend like nothing is happening.

I’m a human, as well as you, and if you are somebody reading this on a different planet or in a different universe (would it even look the same in a different universe?) – then… well… I don’t know, maybe the way humans think will seem ridiculous to you.

What did I want to talk about in the beginning? I don’t know. My brain is slowly turning into a mush of unfinished thoughts and a maze of uncertainty.

But this is life, I don’t complain. Sleep is scarce, and the only time during the day when I can write or just sit down and calm my mind for a bit is when I get up earlier and get to school way before the classes start so that I can look out from the window, through the green tops of trees on the blue or white sky (later in the year, it will probably still be black with or without stars, orange or pink when the day is about to start,…), let my brain rest for a while and try to put something down to share with you all.

So, what’s going to happen next? I can promise you one thing; I’ll work hard to be able to publish your one post a week, I’ll work hard to get better at writing and connecting with you.

And… well… I should also work hard to do well at school so my visa won’t get terminated and I won’t get sent back to my country of origin. Because, somehow, I found home in this place.

And when you find a home somewhere you usually don’t want to be forced to leave it.

And so, once more, what’s next?

I’ll tell you what. A lot of work.

But life wasn’t meant to be easy.



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