Traveller’s Book For December | My Picks

It’s the first post of the month and you know what that means – time for our book of the month! This time, I picked…

Andrew C. Revkin – The North Pole Was Here

It is supposed to be cold in December, and snowing. Thanks to my travels, I’ll be missing out on both of these traits of this elegant month (and oh, my, how much I miss it already!) and so I decided to at least read about cold and snow. And where else can you find temperatures below zero and loads of ice and snow than in the North Pole? (Well, if you are reading this a hundred years after I published it, you probably won’t find so much snow there, unless a miracle happens. If so, please, just send me a message from the future so I won’t – didn’t – die totally depressed about what state this beautiful planet was left in.)

But now, finally, to the book!

Really easy to read adventure of venturing to the coldness of North Pole completed with pieces of articles published in The New York Times and some history and struggle of the explorers and adventurers who were firstly looking for a new ways for ships to improve trade and then raced for the right to be called the first ones who reached the Pole.

Written in more journalist-like style, it’s super easy to navigate through the book and skip parts you are not interested in, if there are some.

And if you love snow like me but for whatever reason cannot enjoy it this December, this book is truly a good choice.

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