Beyond the Doubt: A Partner Race Across the Alps | Friday Films

The Transalpine Run is a partner race across the most gorgeous Alps. You have to cross the finish and checkpoint lines with your partner: if one of you doesn’t make it, neither will. During the eight stages of this epic race, you strengthen your friendship, learn new things about each other, and conquer disappointment and anger together. On the other side, whether you make it or not, both of you and your relationship will come out stronger.

“I have been known to stand there and have goosebumps and tears in my eyes,” said Sven Simon, the race presenter. The emotions are somehow more raw when people hug and kiss and cry together, sharing the moment, sharing the fact that they’ve made it through the stage.

This film is truly a visual and auditory masterpiece, it’ll make you cheer up and tear up together with the race participants, and it’ll make you want to get out there and run, night or day, rain or sun. I watched this in my bed, ready to go to sleep… and had to get up and go do a lap around my village in the cold, rainy darkness of a late February night. “With „Beyond the doubt“ filmmaker Stephan Wieser digs deep into the scene of the 2019 edition by capturing stunning outdoor images, in-depth athlete interviews and true emotions.”

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