“Being Vulnerable Makes You Appreciate the Kindness of Strangers:” Josh Reid & His 15,000km Journey Back Home

This week, I, once again, haven’t managed to write a beautiful, long post for you. There are things I could write about: my last days in Point Reyes, more geology-related posts from my little Southwest road trip, or the way the sun would rise above Mt Tam and my head had I been able to celebrate my birthday back home, in California.

But because immigration laws decided that California could no longer be my physical home, I’m searching for a new one. It is an arduous task, filled with many not-so-good days and weeks. And perhaps that’s why I was drawn to Josh’s journey back to that magical place that is different yet the same for everyone: Home.

I hope you, too, will enjoy this sweet, soul-soothing mini-documentary.

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