Some Exciting Personal News :)

Hello, friends! Summer is officially upon us and together with it comes a lot of goodness, though sometimes wrapped in a heatwave. But what can we do, it’s a deal package.

The world also seems to be slowly getting back to normal, which brings a whole lot of exciting new possibilities. There are a few things coming up for me this summer that I wanted to share with you all since they might influence the post frequency/length this summer.

1) Back to Volunteering

That’s right! Races are starting back up, and I’ve received an email announcing that I’ll be able to soon come back and patrol the trails of Point Reyes again!

What this means for me is many weekends spent out there, getting runners to the finish lines, helping out with horses at the ranch, and hiking beautiful trails. It also means I might have even less time for writing than I do now (if that’s even possible, considering I work four jobs).

2) A Research Expedition to Hawai’i

As a part of one of my internships, I’m going to Hawai’i to do some research and write and publish a guide to the Big Island focused on geology.

What this means even more (hopefully) “professional” writing — but less of free time writing, which, unfortunately, includes this blog. I’ll attempt to prepare and schedule articles so that you get your weekly dose of stories, thoughts, and photos!

3) What About You?

I hope you, my friends, have a summer filled with adventure, camaraderie, and reunions, too! Please do let me know what YOU are excited about — I’d love to hear!

That’s all for today — next week, you can be looking forward to a photo post filled with the flowers of Point Reyes!



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