A Day In the Life of…

Hello everyone! Last week’s post, A Day in My Life as an Aid Station Volunteer, took quite a lot of time and effort to put together. And while I love writing for this blog, together with my current nannying job, looking for other jobs and internships and arguing with the government whether I can stay or if I have to go, I’m a little short on the rare commodity that is free time.

Therefore, I’m going to link you to last week’s post (which it seems many of you didn’t see!) and ask of you to tell me if you like this kind of posts. I’m thinking about doing A Day in My Life as a Trail Patrol Volunteer. If you’d like this, or if you’d like to hear about anything else I haven’t written about (or have but it’s quite outdated now), please, let me know in the comments!

Love you all,

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