5 Great Trail Running Films

There are films and then there are films. Yesterday night, I realized that I haven’t watched a “normal” movie or film in literally forever – instead, I have built a long list of trail running films that I enjoy more than any movie I’ve ever seen.

And I thought, why not share them? Most of those films are from real people who made them just for the sake of sharing their passion, their love and gratitude for the places they run, or their personal victories. They are beautiful. They are freeing. They are real. I haven’t cried watching movies in forever, but I did drop a tear or two watching some of those films.

Here are five of them, in no partcular order. The list is much, much longer and I’ll perhaps share more another time. Hope you’ll enjoy those as much as I did.

Alexandre Chambet – Run the Aravis

Chaine des Aravis, France

Les Aravis is home to them. And one day, Alex, Anthony, Francois and Alex decided to run across the ridges from Charvin to Etale.

Austin Meyer – Golden Hour | The Best Hour in Ultrarunning

Western States 100

“Perhaps the race’s most exhilarating finishes happen in double that time, as everyday people try to finish under the 30-hour time cutoff.” – Austin Meyer

Beau Miles – Run the Line

With a shovel in one hand, Beau runs an old train line – first human passing in over 60 years – braving blackberry bushes and fences, fueled by leftover pasta.

Patagonia – Wolfpack: The Family that Runs Together

The Braford-Lefebvre family lives in the mountains above Silverton, Colorado, wild and free, and running through the mountains is a bond as strong as blood.

GoPro – Killian Jornet: Running Ridges

Åndalsnes, Norway

A short film of stuning views, not for those scared of heights. Killian runs up above the clouds, in the middle of the sky and across rocky ridges. “It’s like dancing with the mountains.” – Killian Jornet

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