Why (the Hell) do I Run?

“Why the hell am I doing this?!”

I ask this question myself while running quite often. On average it starts floating around in my head about 2 minutes into a run. So I’ve come up with 3 main reasons why I do it.

1) FOOD. The single biggest motivator is food. The fact that after a longer run my body literally needs me to eat 2,000 more calories is pretty awesome.

2) DOGS. How many good boys and girls do I meet during a run? Quite a few when I choose the right trail to run on! Their wagging tails and excitement-filled eyes when they pace me for a couple feet is the best thing out there.

3) Somehow… it might,… just might… feel GOOD? I haven’t confirmed this one yet but it appears to sometimes be the case. Fresh air flowing through my lungs (well, not the case in California in October/November), blood pumping through my veins,… there’s something about this. And the views aren’t always that bad either!

I want to apologize for this slightly late post. Due to the wildfires we are currently power-less and cell service-less. It is in a rare window of having a cell service that I am able to post this. Please, have all the communities impacted by the fires in your mind or in your prayers as we are going through these times. Thank you.

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