Antelope Island State Park, Utah | Road-Tripin’ with My Folks

Note to self: Never ever forget that you are the one loved by mosquitoes – and the same works for the flies living around Salt Lake.

Over the state border, through a flat plain and past salt flats we went. The drive seemed endless but not boring, not at all. During the several hours long drive, we met two (!) guys who were apparently biking through the desert. One of them just breaking down his tent on the side of the road, the other one already working his way along the long road, pulling a small carriage with his water supply (which had to be enormous), food, tent and everything else he needed on his journey.

The landscape turned a little green, then brown and yellow again, as we approached Salt Lake City and the great Salt Lake itself. One last long stretch of a completely flat road as we crossed to Antelope island and we were there, welcomed by the wildlife inhabiting this piece of land.

Even though the welcome wasn’t THAT friendly – the moment I left the interior of my car, I was attacked by hundreds of biting flies. Oh, so pleasant. On the other hand, seeing the wide variety of birds and other wildlife (even before we spotted our firs bison) was quite exciting. So much life in the middle of the dry lands around!

“Why did you have to park so far away?” my mother asked when we arrived at the visitor center. I admit, I didn’t park right next to the entrance, but it wasn’t that far, either.

“C’mon, mom. Really?”

“You had the whole parking lot and so much space! Why didn’t you park closer?”

“Do you want me to get back in the car and drive those fifty yards close to the visitor center?”

“Well.. yeah?”

In the end, I didn’t do it, but listened to my mother grumble about us parking too far – until I noticed our first bison. It was kinda far, but it was there!

There wasn’t as much water as would be considered normal, as we were told by a volunteer in the visitor center. Our short walk we took nearby the shores was very beautiful, however, we were also glad when we got back to my car as we were being eaten alive by all the flies swarming on and near the lake shores.

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