The Journey Begins | Road-Trippin’ with My Folks

Note to self: don’t expect your parents to act like adults just because they’re all grown-up and older than you, especially when waking them up at a very non-vacation like time.

We spent a few days in the Bay Area, giving my parents a little time to deal with the jet lag. During this time, I drove to and through San Francisco for the first time (I swore I’d never drive in the city) and showed my parents around the city. Let’s be honest; the San Franciscan hills weren’t their favourite thing about the city. They had their first Ben & Jerry’s and it seemed to impress them even more than Golden Gate Bridge which, according to my father’s words, is much higher than what it looked like on the TV.

I took them to Point Reyes (they weren’t 100% comfortable when about 50 elk crossed the path only 20 yards in front of us, or when the strong winds almost blew them off the lighthouse viewpoint) and Mt Diablo from which they got to see the Sierras; the place where we were headed the very next morning.

The very next morning came earlier than they expected. I did warn them about getting an early start but even so, after I took a shower, loaded the car, prepared their breakfast and finally came into their room to wake them up at 3.30, it didn’t seem like it was going to work for the first few minutes.

It felt like if I had two teenagers to deal with, in all honesty.

At first, my father got out of the bed full of energy; finally, the road trip of their lives was about to begin! This initial excitement gave way to a little bit of shock when he saw the time on his phone and then almost apathy when his brain, still jet-lagged, decided that it has had enough of that sh… *stuff* and that it was time to get back to bed and sleep for the next few years.

My mother was the exact opposite. Even before the notion of what time it was, she wasn’t the most cooperative. And when she learned at what ungodly hour I woke them up, it was a thing of art to get her out from the bed. “This is not a vacation,” she complained. But very soon, excitement took over and it was almost like having a five-year-old there. She was the first sitting in my car, up and ready to go when I locked the front door at 4 in the morning and we embarked on our journey.

Thank you for choosing to spend your time by joining us on the road. The previous post is right HERE. The next post from this road trip will be is HERE as soon as it gets got published!

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