“I Don’t Want to Go Exploring Today…”

I have to admit one thing; sometimes, I don’t want to go exploring, have amazing adventures, or be productive. Some days, I just want to sit down, read a book, have some tea, listen to some music, do some gardening, maybe watch a movie. Is it ok for me to want this?

Going through social media in this time and age, seeing all these influencers out there, it seems to me like that if one wants to become something, he/she/they needs to be always excited about trying new things, always productive, needs to get up at 5am every single day, and, in any case, mustn’t slow down or take a break.

But the truth is, everyone needs to take some kind of break once in a while. Yes, I believe that even Elon Musk takes a minute to sip a cup of whatever he likes (be it coffee, tea, or kombucha) and maybe twenty minutes to get some sleep from the 39 hours in his day during which he’s 147% productive.

All right, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated. He probably sleeps about fifteen minutes a day, not twenty.

But you get the idea.

Together with the pressure we get from all around us – to do great at school or job or both, be the perfect parent, nanny or auntie, spouse, partner or friend, make money and make it look like our lives are the best ones to be lived out there… it can get pretty stressful.

Yes, I love it when I get up at five and get most of my work on this blog done before most of the people in the same time zone wake up. Yes, I love when I manage to even squeeze a two- or three-mile run in there. I love it when I perform well at school, when I’m the best “auntie” I can be to “my” kids, and when I get my work done so that I can be proud of it. I love it when I manage to volunteer in the meantime and am all positive and do my best there, too.

It already seems like that I have to have at least 36 hours in a day to do all this and do it well, right? Yeah… and wait for the time when I try to squeeze in my hobbies, like ice-skating, climbing, backpacking, photography, playing the piano, flute, or violin, reading books, and… traveling. Even my most important hobbies are hard to squeeze into my busy schedule. And then the day comes when I just don’t want to do anything.

When I traveled and had a day when I just didn’t feel like going exploring, I used to talk negatively to myself. And I realized that it got much stronger since I started to share my travels on social media, making YouTube videos about them, writing this blog… You can easily see the problem coming, right?

Social media… It was a great idea – and a horrible idea at the same time. The people some of us present to be aren’t who we really are.

I used to get mad at myself for wanting to do – and doing – nothing. I used to think less of myself, and beat myself over the hour when I just sat down and let my mind and body relax. And I have to admit that sometimes, I still do. But I’m working on accepting that every single human being out there, even me, needs to take a break sometimes.

It’s hard to ignore the pressure we put on ourselves because of social media. (Some of) the people we see there are just so perfect, always active, always on the roll, always pretty, always successful,… aren’t they? – No, they are not.

And I want you to know that it’s ok to slow down and do nothing for a little while. I want you to know that all the people who seem so busy, look like they never slow down (like, what’s sleep?), and are so successful in your eyes, all of them need to take a break sometimes. And if they don’t, if you don’t, if I don’t take a break… We all will just fall apart one day. There’s not success in never taking the time for yourself and yourself only.

Don’t believe the lies that social media present to us every single day. I don’t “follow” any people on any social media platform who pretend to be up and running 24/7. All the people I let myself see and get inspired by are people who know the importance of rest and self-care and share it with others.

All the people I look up to, all the people who are my inspiration,… they all know the importance of following their dreams, doing what they love, working hard, putting in long hours when needed,… but they also know the importance of rest and good mental and physical health and promote these. They take the time off their schedules to spend time with their families and friends, to rest, to meditate, to run, to bike,… and they aren’t afraid to show and share it with the world right next to their work.

So please, remember. It’s okay if you just don’t feel like hustling hard today. It’s okay if you don’t want to be productive today. Take a rest. You deserve it.

And I’m going to repeat once more to myself; “It’s okay that I don’t want to go exploring today.”

Craving for more? I’ve got you covered. 🙂

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