Cold, Cold, Freezing in Hawai’i? | Searching the Aloha

There’s a billion stars in the sky and floating all around me as I’m walking towards the beach. Is this a goodbye?

Getting up awfully early is kind of a norm by now, I think. Is it even still worth mentioning? Anyway, at around half past four, I pack my sleeping bag and sleeping pad in the car, put my swimsuit on and walk over the smooth black sand, dip my feet in the ocean, listen to the waves singing as they crush against the coast.

Then I head towards a shower. After three days and three nights here, I find it quite necessary to try to get rid of some of the sweat and dust before having to share any enclosed space with other people, especially an aeroplane.

The shower is an old set of tubes strongly marked by the salty water and winds and I’m surprised it doesn’t fall on my head when I turn it on. The water is so cold that I can feel how my skin is shrinking on me and becoming too small for my body. My teeth might as well fall right out of my mouth and I have not only a brain freeze but it feels like my entire body is suffering some kind of internal damage.

The only thing that keeps me from passing out is the beautiful view; the stars above my head and all around me (am I hallucinating because of the cold water, or did the drops of water turn into snow…?), the moon reflecting off of the wild black water, creating an interesting contrast with the matte black of the beach, and the sound of palm trees swaying in the mild wind up above.


It’s so beautiful that it’s painful. Or wait, maybe that’s just my skin turning into a crust of ice.

I’m driving towards Kailua-Kona as the sky in the East starts getting brighter. All the colours of a rainbow appear before me once again as I’m quietly giving goodbye to this beautiful island; the ocean and the peaks, the plain black lava fields and the lush green rainforest, the scorching sun and the white cool fog, my tiny little piece of home under the open sky.


I know the chance of me coming back is so close to zero that it seems like there’s not any at all. I know I shouldn’t feel connected to this place as much as I do. But I can’t help it and feel my heart beating almost painfully when I catch a glimpse of the nearing airport.

No, this is not the end my friends, we’ll continue on the island of Kaua’i!

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