Traveller’s Book for August

Wild Yosemite

Edited by Susan M. Neider

I just realized that so many of the books I’ve recommended have the word “wild” in them! Angels in the Wilderness, The Wild Muir, The Wilder Muir, and now, Wild Yosemite! (Did I miss some? Also, can’t wait to read Wild, too!) Well, maybe it tells something about the nature of us, who can’t stay calm in one place for long.

The Wild Yosemite is a collection of essays, tales, and diary logs about, you guessed it, Yosemite. Read about the first impressions of Mark Twain or Lafayette Bunnell (who, together with the Mariposa Batalion, was the first non-native to visit Yosemite Valley), read about what Teddy Roosevelt has to say about this magnificent place!


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