Traveller’s Book for July

The Best American Travel Writing (2015)

Edited by Andrew McCarthy

And here we go, I’m slipping back towards anthologies. This time, it was the one prepared and edited by Andrew McCarthy, the author of The Longest Way Home.

I know this one is a quite fat book to choose for July, when most of us are the most busy with traveling. Who’s got time to read while already having to use clones to be able to do everything they have planned for the summer? But if you’ve got some long flights and even longer layovers (for me, that makes 13 hrs in Frankfurt and 28 hrs in NYC), this book might be just the one for you.

And there’s one advantage to it; because it’s several stories that have nothing in common (besides being from different corners of the world – which is not really considerable having anything in common at all, is it), you can just choose the ones that catch your eye and skip the ones that aren’t really the best fit for you!

Have fun and safe travels (either the literal ones or… the literal ones. haha)!


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