Photo Challenge: Liquid

For the very first time, I chose a series of pictures for this week’s photo challenge. I always wanted to stick to finding just THE one perfect one but today, I just had to break my own rule.

The series of pictures you’re about to see is from a morning when I woke up into being sprayed by the waves beating strongly against the shore. The morning was nice and cool; a beautiful contrast to the heat of a tropical day that was to come.

A short walk along the lava fields crumbling into the restless water was worth more than I could ever imagine. Tiny drops of this salty liquid created this tingling sensation as they landed on my skin, tickling a bit when they started to flow down my legs, arms, and cheeks.

We often don’t appreciate these little things. Sun low, close to the horizon, the beautiful colours of moving water, so much alive as we are. An early morning. A breeze of fresh air. Tiny cold droplets on our skin. Walking barefoot.

Today, I have one simple request for you.

Take a minute, one single minute, to appreciate something you take for granted in your life. Is it the sun? Is it the clouds? Is it the morning dew, green grass, a breeze from the ocean? Is it the mountains? Is it the woods? Is it the desert? Is it the rain (that you’re already getting annoyed with)? Is it your morning cup of tea? Or is it a person – a friend, a family member, or maybe even a partner? Is it the woman selling flowers near your bust stop or the man playing a saxophone every morning on your way to work?

Let’s not take water for granted, either. Water is one of the reasons we’re alive. Let’s not forget that and thank her.


If you’d like to read about my Hawaiian adventure, you can do so HERE. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Liquid

  1. You are forgiven for breaking what is also my rule vis a vis only posting one picture for the challenge – forgiven because this set is absolutely stunning and fits the theme perfectly


  2. Spectacular series of photos! Today I am thankful for green grass an lush trees of Georgia. I spent about 10 years in military deployments to desert countries. All sand, rocky, barren possibly a few specks of vegetation. I love to lay down and roll in the green grass now!


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