Traveller’s Book for March

The Wilder Muir

Selected and introduced by Bonnie J. Gisel

I can’t believe it’s March already! Where did February go?

Anyway, last month, we talked about a book called The Wild Muir. Well, for those of you who loved it as I did, I’ve got some good news; there’s another volume –  The Wilder Muir!

I came to read this book right after finishing the first one, I just didn’t have enough of Muir’s adventures. The way he talks about mountains and nature just makes me want to go out there and never come back home, watch more sunrises from the tops of the highest mountains and sleep under the starry sky, live off of bread and morning tea made of pine needles again, drink water from the wild mountain creeks. These are the things that make me feel like the freest person in the whole world and Muir brings them all to life in his way of storytelling.


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