Photo Challenge: Transformation

Travelling changes people. And I call myself lucky for that I can see it not only on myself but on people around me too.

It was almost two months ago when my good friend Ella visited me in California (maybe you recall her from my Road-Trip posts). Never being behind “the big puddle” before, I guess, it was an experience.

Now, who I picked up at the airport – my old Ella in her full-on sarcastic mode – was somebody quite different from who I was dropping off a week later.

Only a week! Now try to imagine, what happens with people who spend their lives on the road?

I took this picture when we found one of the secret gems of San Francisco. I can swear, this person is not the same one I became friends in high school with.

She’s a bit of a traveler too, Italy, London, Austria… I could see her changing with every trip she went on.

Travelling transforms people.

It helps us mature, make our own opinions about the world, be independent and many, many more things. One would be surprised…

Fotografie č 3.jpgvia Photo Challenge: Transformation

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