Photo Challenge: Peek

For today’s photo challenge I decided to choose this picture.

It’s from Lassen National Park where I spent two days on the breaking of September and October this year. Swimming in an unbelievably cold lake (this act could be easily marked as suicidal by anyone watching – if there was anyone) and climbing a volcano weren’t the only things that made my heart beat faster.

Ready to go home, all things packed, I drove through the park to the last stop; the Bumpass Hell. Yeah, the name sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? 😉

After about fifteen-minute walk (or, maybe, twenty? I’m really not sure) from the parking lot, I got first “sneak peek” of the valley where I was headed. And it got me hooked immediately. Eager to finally be there, I took a quick picture which you can see below.

So what, did I get you curious? 🙂



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