Photo Challenge: Scale

I had a really hard time choosing a pic for today’s photo challenge. My other favourite than the one you can see below was a shot I took while climbing onto a volcano where you can see the steep side of the volcano with Lassen Peak on the horizon. Looking at that picture you realize how huge Lassen Peak is.

In general, most of my photos that can be used for “Scale” photo challenge are the ones of mountains. You guys know how I love mountains so it’s understandable.

But I decided to go for something a bit different today.

The picture you can see below, the one I decided to use, was taken on the day when I brought my friend to Muir Woods National Monument to see these giants.

You don’t really realize how unbelievably high these trees are until you go there yourself. I have seen tons of photos before I decided to go see these magnificent trees myself. And oh, boy, none of the best shots could be ever compared to the reality.

When you stan there and look up, your own reality somehow shifts. The moment you realize what you’re looking at and you try to comprehend, your brain just stops. You can’t think about that unpaid bill or the crazy woman who cut you off on the freeway in such a manner that you almost hit that truck.


At the moment when you see something like that, you can’t do anything but to be completely overwhelmed by what you’re looking at.

These trees have been here long before you were born.

And they’re going to be here long after you die.

They just stand there, quiet, wise, watching the world, dancing in wind, letting sun rays tickle them, accepting water from rain and resting on the soft pillows of thick fog. They just are. They are present.

We should learn much from them.

Allow them to show you a different scale.

IMG_5907.JPGvia Photo Challenge: Scale

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