Everybody And Everything Are My Teachers

If you have been around for a longer time already, you probably know this from some of my previous articles. But if you are new here, then welcome! I hope you are going to have an amazing time reading my blog.

At some point in my life, I learned that if I accept everybody I meet and everything that happens to me as my teachers, I can go a long way – much longer one than if I stick with accepting these meetings and accidents just as coincidences.

Well, but these are two different things – to learn something and to accept it and live according to it. It is not really easy to accept this fact – or wasn’t for me. Nobody has ever told me that I could learn from somebody or something different than teachers and what they told me at school. And why would they? That would completely destroy at least a third of all the teachers I have had throughout my student years – and I haven’t started university yet!

You see, I had some great teachers at school who were not only teachers but Teachers too. The real ones who teach you more than what is in all the regulations etc.

But then there were teachers – people who I didn’t really understand why they chose to do this. But at the end – even they taught me something.

These were completely different things than what they were supposed to be – and yes, at the same time, spending so much time with them probably messed me up in its own ways, but still… it all taught me something even though I didn’t realize it at the time.

Since I started to accept Everybody and Everything as my teachers, I’ve learned so much more than in schools or throughout my whole life up to that moment of acceptance.

Whatever happens is there to tell and show me something, to explain and bring understanding.

Whoever I meet has at least one thought or opinion or brings me to a situation that, again, gives me the opportunity to learn.

Sometimes, you don’t get it at first. But then – five days later or in five years – something happens or you meet somebody what/who explains it all and you can just stand there and wonder about how you could miss the point all that time.

It can be just one word or one simple moment that puts the whole picture together. But without the acceptance of all people you meet and all that’s happening around you as your teachers, that one word or that one simple moment would not hit home.

I would love to write so much more about this but it somehow appears I don’t know the right words – if these even exist.

So the best I can do now is to wish you good luck with your journey – either around the world or inside you – or both! And hope to see you back here soon.



Get ready for loads of new purely on-the-road articles, got home from a short road trip with my friend!

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And have a day full of learning! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Everybody And Everything Are My Teachers

  1. Beautiful blog! I aspire to do what you’re doing one day, hopefully soon! And who knows, we might even meet on the road somewhere! I travel a lot too 🙂


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