Why I Need to Go Lightweight | My Way to Lightweight Backpacking

I became interested in lightweight backpacking a few months ago and this interest started to grow into obsession as the time passed.

As you may know, even though I go for long hikes pretty much at least once a week – and when I work and cannot go anywhere, I at least walk on a treadmill – I am in no shape. Absolutely. Every single tiny hill makes me breathe like if I was running up Mt. Everest.

Putting any weight on my back seems like a suicide attempt for me.

My friend guessed I have some kind of asthma, the family I work for thinks it can be some heart-thing. I’ll get to visit my doctor in July 2018 and in the meanwhile, I just have to do the best I can with what I have.

To make it even more interesting, here and there (= every single time I’m on a hike) my sick hips and knees start to protest.

My legs is a chapter for itself, trying to be solved by many doctors already.  To make a very long story short (I write more about it in an article “Listen to Your Body” which is to be published soon), my legs are failing in the most basic thing they were made for – walking. I am very lucky that with some arrangements, I can still do what I love.

These arrangements include having to carry the least I can – and these items have to be the lightest possible.

The heaviest thing I carry is usually my camera because I mostly can’t do without some good pictures as photography is my passion. Still, I always bring just one lens and leave any unnecessary pieces of equipment at home so my photoshoots always look like a circus show as I’m trying to balance the camera on a stack of rocks or do some acrobatic-looking poses so I can get the best angle.

I guess what I want to say in this article other than that my Lightweight obsession is not just a whim but a try to keep doing what makes sense to me.

And what I want you to take from this article s that even if you have some condition, you should always try your best to be able to do what you love. With some arrangements, most of things are possible and in this time there are loads of options for everyone.

Do your best to do what you love and do it with passion. Then there’s nothing to stop you.

Have a great day full the best decisions and stay strong, whatever challenge is ahead of you.



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