Rainy Travels to CHICAGO

What can one do, when it’s raining all the time? Well… just clench his teeth, ignore the fact that there’s an ocean in his shoes and enjoy the trip anyway.

Yay! I got a week of vacation at the end of March. That was 7 days of traveling! But… I had to manage to combine this with my classes. One of them on Saturday and the other one on Tuesday. Darn it.

And so it happened that on Saturday I ran from the class 10 minutes earlier and the race to the gates of LaGuardia airport could start. How does it come that I almost always run late even though I always leave at least 20 minutes earlier than I actually need to make it on time?

Watch the video blog HERE! 🙂


As you can see, I didn’t really see much in the fog.


But it felt really magical, on the other hand!


And I honestly believed I was gonna die when on the Willis Skytower. Don’t you see the fear in my eyes? 😀

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