Long Beach Island II. – It Is Important Not to Eat So Much (Mission Failed)

In the previous article, we talked about the ice cream, Hurricane Sandy, cycling and inability to upset the locals (link). Today we will talk about how to avoid fish and other marine creatures in a place where almost nothing else is eaten. And who does not want the Fudge immediately after reading this article, is surprisingly strong-willed. Ok, let’s do this!

Shortly after the ice cream and walk along the wharfs in the Gulf the hunger came. It was almost two o’clock. And how to get something non-fish and non-marine on the island, where most of the restaurants’ inscriptions say “seafood”? I have two tips for you.

First, find a typically American diner. So the dining room. But I hate to use that term because of the schoolroom and meals in school canteens. Many, many of us are swept away a lifetime of trauma by eating there (at least in Czech). This manifests itself as follows: at the word “diner” you might have manifested sudden nausea, loss of appetite, or tics. There are much more symptoms of trauma, and it depends only and only on the nature of what you were fed with and in what quantities.

242dae_57eefa6d7a1b44a0a26e15befeed7d9f-mv2_d_5184_3456_s_4_2From the first day on LBI, I had a great experience with “Fred’s Beach Haven Diner.” Like most of these dining facilities, this diner is all tuned into the fifties, sixties. So something for retro lovers. On the menu, I noticed no food that would ever be in any connection with the sea. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I had about four cups of coffee just for breakfast. You buy one and the staff will take care of it, you never drink it up to the bottom. And in terms of food, I couldn’t find anything to criticize, even if I wanted to.

But since I didn’t want to repeat, I visited Gazebo Grill in Bay Village (more in the first article from New Jersey ). Offer here hangs directly over the counter, where they receive orders. You cannot go wrong because for every meal they have a detailed list of ingredients. Yes, there are also a few sea creatures, but on the other hand, for example, four different kinds of quesadillas, five of tacos, an infinity of sandwiches with even more side dishes. You can combine whatever you want to and no one will be surprised. And by American standards, it is one of the cheaper places to eat.

This fact, however, definitely does not sign on the outcome. If there hadn’t been the chance that after the next serving I would not be able to travel by bike anymore, I’d have more of this amazing food. And more. I cannot complain about this food, perhaps only that it is so “voracious”. 🙂

242dae_68593a7b02d14f009ccc6515602d6fcf-mv2_d_5184_3456_s_4_2After deciding that I was certainly not in a state when I could ride the bike, I decided for a short walk along the bay. A few seagulls wanted to make a companionship for me. Not that they needed to be friends so much. More like they waited if I drop anything to eat. Most of them gave up after a while, but one walked me honestly something about a kilometer back and forth. And when I pulled out my camera the seagull was in its element. Walking the “catwalk” – part reinforcing the shore of the island – it posed as if it had a couple of semesters of a university for models. If such a thing exists. I guess not.

Before I went back, an inscription “Homemade Fudge” grabbed my attention. I did not know what a Fudge is, but the curiosity won out over the shyness and I entered the shop. After tasting for free, I immediately fell under the spell of this type of chocolate. Yes, it is a bit more fat – in composition to read that except for whole milk there is used a large part of heavy cream (nothing for vegans, I agree). The sea salt is added also – but you don’t know about it when you taste it. When they have the basis of choclate finished they add nuts, marshmallow, or extra cocoa beans. The result is a plety of different species of these chocolates. Since they use no preservatives, the inscription on the box advises “Enjoy as soon as possible”. A further positive aspect is becoming a fact that even if you are usually able to consume the entire bar of chocolate at once, with Fudge you need three pieces and you have enough for the rest of the day.

You can find the first part of the New Jersey article HERE.

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