A Few Thousand Miles from Home – How It All Begun

How on Earth did I come to this point of my life?
                Where am I? How did I get here? What did I on earth do? It does not matter, I love it! But what if …? And why do I suddenly want to write about all this? And why am I beginning with writing right now? And why to look for answers to these questions?
                So yeah. I don’t want you to think that I am a complete crazy person (in reality I’m only half that). Let’s try to just find answers then.
                Firstly, right now I find myself on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. To be clear between us, I would never have dreamed that it would ever be possible to find myself in New Jersey looking across the ocean to the east with one thought on my mind: few thousand miles in that direction is my home. In fact, I’m here just “temporarily” tomorrow (unfortunately?) I’m going “home” – which currently means the town of Briarcliff Manor, New York.
                 Secondly, how did I get here. I really have no idea. Blame it on some website, the mere thought that I would like to know more (which, let’s face it, moves us forward). I entered the email address and the phone number “for more information”. And in a week they called me: “When do you want to leave?” I did not have any idea what it all actually meant, but I said: “after graduation”. And so it happened that I had – four days after handing over the school-leaving certificate, 6. 6. 2016 – packed my bags and moved to the US to work as an au pair. For one year. Or two?
The third question, “what did I on earth do?” started to appear in my mind very soon after arrival. And in more or less regular intervals, always returns. But I cannot bring myself to regret this decision (very careless, according to my grandmother). And I do not even want.
13406971_1099100770148482_2290229469280985071_n                  I throw all the “what if” behind my head. They do not do anything else but restrain you from life. And we don’t want this, do we?
Still, I don’t know which motives prompted me to start to write about my “highways and byways”. Perhaps wanting to share my experiences, hope that maybe someone is gonna get encouraged to make the decision to start discovering not only the world but also himself/herself by reading this. Since, and now I very fond of quoting Oli, who owns a blog Meet me on the train (link), “on the routes it all starts to make sense”.
And I’m beginning to write about it all right now because it is never too late to start. And, at the same time, anything should be postponed. And like the idea comes, it can also leave quickly. Or courage may disappear. I didn’t want to risk anything.
Abut looking for answers: after all, this is the way we have learned almost everything we know. We know that to make the bulb lit, we need electricity. And we know this because we asked about it once. We know why potatoes get sweet when it goes cold. And we know this because we asked that question. But answers about ourselves we cannot get from anyone other, but us. And where do you find these answers? Try to answer this. 🙂
Please, excuse my English. Not perfect, but gettin’ better! (At least I hope)
                I actually started the blog with a different provider on August 19, 2016 but moved onto this one today, 6/29/2017 as I had a very inspirational talk with my host mum and want to take it way more seriously. I guess once I’ll be even more grateful for that than I already am.

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